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Barebones Spade Hand Trowel

Sale price$44.95

The Garden Trowel works quickly and comfortably through both soft soil and rough ground. Ideal for digging, turning, and spreading soil, prepping beds, and planting seedlings. Constructed with an ergonomic, heat-treated stainless steel blade and comfortable walnut handle: a duo worthy and capable of a lifetime of use.


• Rust-resistant
• Heat-treated stainless steel
• Walnut handle
• Ergonomic handle
• Blade can be resharpened as needed


Barebones Spade Hand Trowel

The Gardening Hand Tool collection was inspired by the classics that have been used for centuries to get the job done. These are the tried and true tools that each gardener has hanging in their potting shed, covered in mud, from a season full of use.

Our tools are created to co-exist with the outdoor world. Using non-synthetic, high-quality materials in our products allows for a deeper connection to the dirt you're working in and to the present moment. These tools become a natural extension of your hand into the earth.