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We recognise the value and importance of all people that are a part of the process of creating our clothing. From the farmer who grows the cotton, to the factory workers on the shop floor, every individual plays an integral role in creating world-class apparel.


We place a high priority on maintaining safe and fair working conditions in all of our partner factories. To ensure this, we work closely with these facilities to monitor their practices and address any issues or concerns. In addition to close monitoring by factory management, we also have a robust auditing process in place to evaluate each factory's performance against specific criteria pertaining to safety, treatment of workers, and environmental impact.

Closing The Loop

Beyond ensuring fair working conditions for all workers within our supply chain, we are also dedicated to delivering ethical dyeing processes that respect both people and the environment. We are working with our partners making sure that all chemical waste from all dyes are disposed of responsibly, using 100% closed-loop systems that recycle harmful chemicals into harmless ones. Altogether, this enables us to guarantee that our clothing is not only fashionable and stylish but also made with care for all individuals across the entire manufacturing process.


The modern clothing industry is notoriously wasteful and unsustainable. It relies heavily on traditional agriculture and manufacturing methods, which require massive amounts of water and energy in order to produce mass amounts of products. Additionally, the culture of disposability that pervades much of the fast-fashion world contributes further to its negative impacts, as it has led consumers to consume more and more clothing at a rapid rate with little regard for how that waste affects the environment.

At Soil + Bone, we are committed to changing this broken system. We are focusing our efforts around creating sustainable practices and products that empower both individuals and communities. Whether it's water conservation, renewable energy use, ethical manufacturing processes, or zero-waste packaging systems, we are dedicated to rethinking all aspects of the fashion industry in order to promote positive change for the planet. Given all that is at stake, we believe now is the time for action—and there's no turning back from here. So let's work together to create a world where people and planet thrive together!